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I give audiences great 
replicable strategies.

Speaker & Business Program Facilitator

With my business background in major financial institutions in Australia and the UK, plus my experience and expertise as a business leadership coach specialising in productivity and leadership, I give audiences great replicable strategies for success in life as well as career.


I am not that speaker who arrives five minutes before I go on stage then leaves immediately after. I stay and engage — because I’m passionate about the human behaviour that drives business success, I love sharing what I know.

Topics I can speak on:

  • New to Small Business? Let’s first design your Roadmap

  • Sales 101 - How to sell through curiosity

  • Discovering the mindset shift required to drive your business forward

  • Simple ways to systemise and invest your time wisely

  • Running outcome-focussed meetings

  • Instilling resilience and a growth mindset in your Team

  • Building trust in challenging conversations

  • Goal setting and Accountability for consistent traction

  • Self Awareness & emotional flexibility

I regularly run
small business programs 
for local councils and small business communities. 

Cordis Co NPS Score

To date I have successfully achieved an NPS Score of 88%.

= excellent client service
(well above industry benchmark)
See what some of the attendees had to say:
Approachable and insightful. I learned tons.
Cordis Co Quotation salmon_edited.png
Delivery was excellent and engaging.
Cordis Co Quotation grey_edited.png
Activities were interactive and valuable. 
Cordis Co Quotation salmon_edited.png
Marjory is a fantastic business coach who guides you through the essentials of running a business.

Want to instil an *intrapreneur way of working
in your organsation?

*Companies who enable intrapreneurship give their employees freedom to act like an entrepreneur within an organisation. Intrapreneurs are self-motivated, proactive, and action-oriented people who take the initiative.

Other Services

Systemise & Scale

Great Leadership

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