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Presence & Pace 

A group coaching program for Business Owners who recognise their time is NOW. Upgrade your focus and change pace in order to kick goals in business.   

  • Do you feel like you are working tirelessly in business but never feeling like you are making much progress?

  • Are you struggling to find time for what really matters to you? Is your well-being and relationships suffering as a result?

  • Perhaps you often question whether you are cut out to be a Business Owner or whether you have the right people on board.


The truth is you are more capable than you give yourself credit, you simply lack the systems and practices that underpin efficiency & growth and this is what we master in this program.

The Key Outcomes

" The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion."
- Thich Nhat Hanh


Hi I'm Marjory Kari,
Business Coach at Cordis Connection.

I've been leading change strategies and improving business performance for more than 15 years. I've worked with countless service-based small businesses and delivered training programs and workshops on behalf of many Organisations including Councils and Government groups. 

I created this program because I noticed similar themes often plague my 1:1 clients. But 1:1 Coaching is not for everyone and my approach presents solutions which are usually simple but not easy as it requires emotional intelligence and internal shifts.

On that note, I only work with clients willing to take this personal development journey as this always underpins lasting change.

Which leads me to the purpose of this program: To make self- mastery accessible to as many leaders as possible, bringing presence and pace to businesses, large and small.

“You can tell Marjory enjoys seeing others succeed and is willing to do all she can to help. She keeps things simple and easy to understand and I left each session with a clearer picture of what I need to implement to keep my business on a growth track.”

"Marjory is a great facilitator. She comes to the session prepared with lots of valuable knowledge to share.

I would recommend this program to every small business operator I know, 100%."

Marjory's advice comes from a place of wisdom, knowledge and business experience.

Above all it comes from the heart. She is an empowering business mentor and coach and I would gladly work with her again and again.

Some Testimonials from past participants:


Our Program launches soon, make sure you are on the list for early bird discounts and bonuses! 

Thanks for registering your interest! We will be in touch shortly.

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