Great companies thrive on connection

Cordis connection was created to help business leaders connect better with themselves, their teams and their customers. And that's our vision, a world where people are connected in the workplace so that they can do great work that they love!


Cordis (meaning 'of the heart' in latin) was my middle name from birth, coupled with my belief that great things are possible when people connect is how the name "cordis connection" was born.


The first stage of my career I worked for a number of large corporates, each having various styles of company culture and what I noticed was I was happy to give my all and do great work as a result, when I was around great people. Highly engaged teams achieve extraordinary results. That is what I help my clients build. A place where trust is nurtured so that everyone can contribute and collaborate. Where growth is a driver for each team member to maximise their strengths and where people are encouraged to embrace their passions.  


Working in project delivery and leadership throughout my career I specialise in achieving sustainable change in culture, practices and people. I have over 15 years' experience  working for BT Financial Group, RBS in the UK, Capital Finance and Westpac, to name a few. My corporate experience is complemented by qualifications in human behaviour and thinking style profiling, giving me a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve in all aspects of life.


My journey has taken me from corporate leader, to full time mum, to now building great places to work, and live really! I love what I get to do!

And my personal favourite quote is:

"Its never too late to become who you might have been"

- George Eliot

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