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Thanks for stopping by, 

I'm Marjory.

Marjory Kari, business coach and owner of Cordis Connection

Great businesses thrive on 'heart' and connection.

Cordis Connection was created to help business leaders connect better with themselves, their teams and their customers. And that’s my vision — a world where people are connected in the workplace so they can do great work that they love!


Cordis (Latin for ‘of the heart’) is my middle name. Coupled with my belief great things are possible when people connect, it’s how the name Cordis Connection was born.


Before becoming a coach and the COO of my husband-and-two-kids-and-cavoodle household, I used a computer science degree and qualifications in management to build a 15-year corporate career.


Working in project delivery and leadership, I learned the strategies that underpin billions of dollars’ worth of business around the world.

Now, as a human behaviour expert, I share those secrets with small business owners from tradies to IT experts and lawyers.


One thing I realised early? When I was around great people at work, I was always motivated to give my all. I recognised that highly-engaged teams achieve extraordinary results. That’s what I now help my clients create.


A happy team is a strong team. A strong team leads to great success.


My journey has taken me from corporate leader to full time mum to building inspirational places to work and live. I love what I get to do.


And I always have my favourite quote in mind:

‘It’s never too late to become who you might have been.’

- George Eliot -

Cordis Co Values

Lead with Heart
Be kind, to yourself and others.

Take responsibility for all your results.

Tune your Energy
Bring presence to every interaction. 

Champion unique-ness
Stand in your
own light.

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